Lotta Kelliher

English lessons tailor-made to fit your specific needs

Whether you need to achieve a particular exam or certificate or you are looking to further your English skills for your professional life, I can design and personalise your lessons in order to help you reach your goal.

About Lotta

TEFL and ESOL Certified

Cambridge ESOL Level 3, C2 Grade A

For over 15 years I have been working with students ranging from the age of 8 to 76 teaching English as part of school curriculum, preparing for Cambridge exams A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 and successfully pass them. Furthermore I have taught professionals to gain better conversation skills and vocabulary in their own specific field.

My wholistic approach to lessons is to create a friendly and trusting environment so as to build confidence and skill in students to be able to use English as a fluent second language.


Online Lessons

Video call lessons taught via Skype, Zoom and Google Meet

In-Person Lessons

Lessons taught in Palma de Mallorca at student’s houses.

Training Professionals

Group or individual lessons for professionals in need of improving their English skills.

What do lessons cover?

  • Support and reinforce school and university work in English

  • Prepare and practice for Cambridge and EOI exams, ensuring aptitude in each part of the exam

  • Improve reading, writing and listening skills

  • Practise and develop communication skills

  • Enhance vocabulary in specific fields

  • Train to gain confidence in teaching and working using English

Together we can structure lessons around your individual needs to help you achieve a high level of english.

Student Testimonials

"We are two retired friends who restarted English studies after more than 40 respectively 50 years of not studying. Doing classes with Lotta is very entertaining and easy to understand.”

Dani, 67 and Xisca, 73

“I started learning English with Lotta when I was 10 years old and since the first minute she immediately knew how to catch my attention and got me interested in her class very fast. I’ve learned a lot since I started lessons with her, so much that I’ve been able to get the First Certificate at only 14 years of age. She’s an awesome teacher that makes you fall in love with the English language in no time.”

Desi, 15

"I started to do English lessons with Lotta when I was 7 years old. In our first class I didn't want to start because I've always thought English lessons were boring, but in a few minutes Lotta could show me the contrary. The lessons are fun because in every class we laugh and with her the time flies. She is friendly and teaches very well.

Ángel, 12

“I’m so fortunate and proud of the enjoyment that learning English with Lotta has given me. Well-structured, challenging and dynamic classes have completely transformed my boring and demotivating perspective of learning into an encouraging, inspiring and lovely way of learning English. Thank you Lotta!”

Jaume, 17

"I've had many English teachers throughout my life and I'd always think of their classes as boring and not really helpful. I figured it would be the same with every tutor until I began taking classes with Lotta. She is a wonderful teacher and manages to make each lesson fun, no matter the topic she will certainly make you laugh and put a smile on your face.

I've learned a lot from Lotta and I'm truly grateful for having the priviledge to take classes with her."

Emma, 17

"Im fourteeen years old and I love doing English classes with Lotta. It's very fun with her because we always do a lot of different things. Before I started classes with her I couldn't understand anything that my yeacher at school taught us but now I get bored in my school classes. Lotta is the best English teacher that I have ever had.”

Lluc, 14


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